Type of Genius

I live in Charlotte, NC. We haven’t had much rain in a long time and the area is in a drought. Because of this, I haven’t mowed my lawn in several weeks. For some of that time, the grass was just dead. But recently we got a little rain and it greened back up some and required a trim. When I mow the lawn I like to listen to audio books. I feel like it passes the time better. So last night I went to audible.com and looked for some cheap and interesting audible books to listen to. I found one by Daniel Pink. It is a live recording of a speaking engagement. It is about an hour long. So today while I mowed the lawn I listened to Daniel Pink speak.

I really enjoyed it. Daniel Pink certainly knows how to speak to an audience.

So when I finished I decided to learn more about him. I went to his website and saw that he authored Free Agent Nation. I’ve known about this book for some time and have debated reading it. His more recent book is called A Whole New Mind and is about the coming prominence of using the right brain.

I also looked up some of the articles Daniel Pink has written. One that caught my attention is from Wired Magazine titled What Kind of Genius Are You? It is about David Galenson‘s assertion that there are two type of genius – quick and dramatic, and careful and quiet. I agree with his theory. There are leaps where completely new ideas are launched into the world and there are incremental adjustments that lead to something brilliant.

What I like most about the article is the acceptance of how to deal with the two types. Galenson acknowledges that some ideas come about because of youth. Being brash and unrelenting are byproducts of quick and dramatic genius. But often in today’s corporate workplace, being brash is considered immature. You might have a lower Emotional Intelligence. The attributes of careful and quiet genius are much more accepted. But the realization of that genius is further out on the horizon. Also, people that you rely on to further the ideas might run out of support before the payback is reached. It seems that these geniuses, both the former and the latter, work best as individuals. Next time you mow your lawn, think about how long it took for the grass to grow.


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