Business 2.0 Loses to Business 1.0

I read in the NY Times today that Business 2.0, a magazine I subscribe to, is publishing its last edition next month (October, 2007). I really enjoy their writing and the arrangement of their information. But what I really like is the attitude. The magazine comes off young, or at least optimistic. I found it to be a little more business oriented than Wired but still have many of the same angles.

One of their articles, The Coming Job Boom, by Paul Kaihla is part of the inspiration to write this blog. Much of the information in it is now up to debate since several years has passed, but the concepts are still relevant – the baby boomers will retire. The article can probably be rewritten but focused on a Leadership gap instead of purely on employment numbers.

To the writers of Business 2.0, thank you for putting together a splendid magazine and I hope you well in the future. I will keep an eye out for your work.


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