Another Writer Sounding the Heating Oil Alarm

Ben Rooney of wrote an article about the impact of heating oil costs that are looming. The article is titled Dreading winter’s bitter bill. Here are some of the lines I agree with and have said something similar.

On average, consumers are expected to pay $1,182 to heat their homes
this year, up 20% from last year, according to recent estimates from
the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

… the outlook for the Northeast, where 8 million households depend on
heating oil, is even more worrisome. Homeowners in the region are
expected to spend an average of $2,725 on heating oil this winter.

Alarm bells have been sounding in Washington but lawmakers have
remained deadlocked on legislation aimed at expanding the help
low-income households need to deal with high energy costs.

“When gas prices go up consumers have options,” he said. They can drive
less or use public transportation. But when it comes to home heating,
“households have fewer options.”

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